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Ultra Premium Lens Released.

Tests on Smartphones proven as effective as DSLRs!


Struman have launched a new premium range of auxiliary smartphone lenses bringing professional DSLR quality to your smartphone camera.


Create amazing photos with your smartphone or tablet using the Photo Extension Kit. These compact travel sized lenses can capture stunning photos with impressive effects.

This is an accessory that will work with any smartphone or tablets. Even when you upgrade your current device, these lenses will carry over to that next phone or tablet. You don't need any special knowledge or technical ability. The Struman lenses easily mount to any smart device. Simply clip on the lens with our patented high tensile strength bracket. It only takes seconds.

You will never miss that special moment again as Struman lenses attach quickly and easily. Just clip and click!

IMPORTANT: These High Quality Premium lenses are currently on special! Supplies are limited and this deal will not last. We highly recommend you grab your set before the super low introductory price is raised.